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CNC Plate Punching

Standard Features:

• Down stroking, Electric/Hydraulic closed loop servo valve controlled.

• Two axis independent ram control (Y1 & Y2), ram is fully guided throughout the entire stroke, guides do not require lubrication and linear encoders for ram feedback and positioning (.01mm/.0004")

•   High Speed, CNC back gauge (X), two finger stops with alenguide are standard (Optional R axis)

•   Esa 550c compact numerical control.

•   Two material support arms with alenguide.

Machine Frame:

•   The frame is an assembly of a heavy steel plate consisting of 2 side frames, a upper and lower cam plate, reinforced sheet-metal plate for the oil-tank and the hydraulic unit. After welding of the frame it is de-stressed. Some of the main features of this frame are:

•   The machined cylinder mount is a integral part of the side-frame.

•   The extra heavy side and rear plates provide superior frame stability.

•   Ram electrical / hydraulic closed-loop servo system